As strong advocates and supporters of the country’s open data movement, we at the Accountability Lab were thrilled to learn about the “100-hour Nepal Data Literacy Program” organized by the World…

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The World Bank has launched its first survey across all South Asia to examine the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on jobs, health services, and social safety nets in the region that is home to 1.8…

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As we approach International Day of the Girl on October 11th, we reflect not only on how harmful cultural practices prevent adolescent girls from continuing their education, but also on how this…

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Among the countries with the highest number of mini grids, the top 4 are in South Asia.

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Parmi les pays comptant le plus grand nombre de mini-réseaux, les 4 premiers se situent en Asie du Sud.

Divyanshi Wadhwa, Bassam Sebti |

Entre los países con el mayor número de mini redes, los 4 primeros están en Asia meridional.

Divyanshi Wadhwa, Bassam Sebti |

Malnutrition is rampant in rural India and a leading cause of child mortality. In 2015, the Grameen Foundation’s  Rajasthan Nutrition Project attempted to improve nutrition in rural communities by…

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