Africa is the future and the future is African. More than a thought, this highlights Africa's tremendous potential to advance its development. With the youngest population globally, African…

Moulaye Ibrahim Bamba, Michael Geiger |

L’Afrique, c’est l’avenir (a), et l’avenir est africain (a). Plus qu’un slogan, cette vision souligne le formidable potentiel du continent pour progresser et se développer. Avec la population la…

Moulaye Ibrahim Bamba, Michael Geiger |

Public procurement can be used as a public administration tool not only to purchase the needed goods and services, but also, and in a more broader angle, as a vehicle for poverty alleviation and…

Nazaneen Ismail Ali |

Si bien las empresas del sector privado estiman que las capacidades digitales son un factor central de la competitividad, el concepto sigue siendo relativamente nuevo para los Gobiernos. ¿Qué son…

Samia Melhem, Maryam Lawal, Sajitha Bashir |

While many private companies have fully embraced digital technology, adoption in the public sector has been slower. As we prepare for the "new normal," how can we help governments catch…

Samia Melhem, Maryam Lawal, Sajitha Bashir |

Si les entreprises du secteur privé considèrent les capacités numériques comme un moteur essentiel de leur compétitivité, ce concept est encore relativement nouveau pour les pouvoirs publics.

Samia Melhem, Maryam Lawal, Sajitha Bashir |

بينما تنظر شركات القطاع الخاص إلى القدرات الرقمية بوصفها محركًا رئيسيًا للقدرة التنافسية، لا يزال هذا الأمر مفهومًا جديدًا نسبيًا للحكومات. ما هو المقصود بالقدرات الرقمية؟

سامية ملحم, مريم لوال, ساجيتا بشير |

In its commitment to more openness, the Nigerian government launched a financial transparency policy and web portal to provide the public with greater insight into government expenditures.

Benjamin Holzman, Desteo Mugabi |

Is there a link between political leaders’ willingness to wear masks and a country’s performance in controlling corruption?

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