As they respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19), countries have a unique opportunity to plan for stronger and greener economies.

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As we address pandemic-related food security in the region, this is a good time to revisit important lessons learned from the South Asia Food and Nutrition Security Initiative.

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The deadly COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is bringing together leaders of South Asian countries in a way rarely seen in recent years.

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The World Bank’s fund for the poorest countries, IDA has been a reliable partner in South Asia for more than six decades and contributed to a sharp decline in poverty in the region. Yet, for…

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World Bank South Asia Region team provides a platform for conversations about regional connectivity and helps find common ground between country priorities and regional integration.

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Young Economists sharing the stage with Sanjay Kathuria, Lead Economist and Coordinator, Regional Integration (Left to Right: Aamir Khan/ Pakistan, Sreerupa Sengupta/ India, Sanjay Kathuria/ World…

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هناك قول مأثور مخيف في بعض البلدان العربية: وهو أن المرأة ليس لها إلا بيتها وزوجها فقط. فهي لا ينبغي أن تتعلم أو تعمل أو أن يكون لها رأي. ومما يؤسف له أن هذا الاعتقاد مازال يهيمن على بعض المناطق…

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This blog is part of the series #OneSouthAsia exploring how South Asia can become a more integrated, thus more economically dynamic region. The blog series is a  lead up to the South Asia Economic…

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