Will Vietnam be able to replicate its successes in containing the COVID-19 pandemic to better address the climate and enviromental challenges?

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World Bank Group funds projects to rein in pollution at every stage of plastic value chain.

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Resilient Shores, a new report developed by the government of Vietnam, the World Bank, and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) offers a systematic analysis of disaster…

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Smart policy making has extended medical success to economic recovery in Vietnam

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Rising demand for sustainable investments sparks innovation in credit markets.

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In a world of climate change and headline-grabbing cyclones, El Niño is one of the most unspoken climate risks in East Asia and the Pacific.

William R. Sutton, Xinyu Weng |

The word "convenience" in the single-use plastics context, needs urgent redefinition, especially in the East Asia region where several countries top the list in terms of plastics leaking…

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As one of the most fertile regions in the world, the Mekong Delta produces half of Vietnam’s rice, 70% of its aquaculture, and one-third of its GDP. At the same time, the low-lying delta is one of…

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Vietnam has come a long way in its tourism development since the mid-2000s, but now stands at a tipping point where continued rapid and unmanaged growth could have adverse economic, environmental…

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