Serbia is among the more than 130 economies in the world that has either a stand-alone small claims court or a simplified procedure for small claims. However, compared to other jurisdictions in…

Srdjan Svircev, Gladys Senderayi, Svetozara Petkova |

Irrigation agencies around the world have continued to function despite challenging circumstances. However, there have been multiple shocks impacting service delivery.

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Recurring climate shocks, rapid demographic growth and weak governance further compound the region’s fragility. As a result, the Lake Chad region has been designated a priority area for World Bank…

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Des chocs climatiques récurrents conjugués à une croissance démographique soutenue et une gouvernance défaillante fragilisent encore davantage la situation. De sorte que la région du lac Tchad…

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As the biggest employer in Serbia, changes in EPS could spark change in other companies across the country, and other utilities across the region, thus leading to improved working conditions and…

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Restrictions to local and international mobility following the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak are causing disruptions all along the food chain in Guatemala.

Camila De Ferrari Piazza, Viviana Perego, Katie Kennedy Freeman |

Las restricciones a la movilidad local e internacional impuestas a raíz del nuevo coronavirus (COVID-19) están causando interrupciones a lo largo de la cadena alimentaria en Guatemala.

Camila De Ferrari Piazza, Viviana Perego, Katie Kennedy Freeman |

During the COVID-19 crisis, climate shocks and extreme weather events will not stop. As countries begin the process of recovery, it is critical that we focus on building climate resilience,…

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According to a Pan American Health Organization assessment, nearly seven out of 10 hospitals in Latin America and the Caribbean are in areas vulnerable to natural hazards.

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De acuerdo con evaluaciones recientes de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud, casi siete de cada diez hospitales en América Latina y el Caribe se encuentran en áreas vulnerables a amenazas…

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