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Weekly links September 20: passionate pitches as seen in fMRIs, a different type of brain gain, tinkering with Likert scales, and more...

David McKenzie |

The lack of basic water and sanitation services in health care facilities affects two billion people around the world.

Claire Chase |

This is a selection of the many ways in which the World Bank Group is working to address climate and environmental challenges around the world.

David Malpass |

Miembros del sindicato de docentes (CNTE) asedian el congreso mexicano para presionar a los legisladores para que excluyan las evaluaciones de los procesos de entrada y promoción de docents

Rafael de Hoyos |

Can you imagine boarding a plane whose pilot bought his or her piloting license?

Rafael de Hoyos |

A new online platform allows users to assess water demand from various sectors, harness it from every possible source, and plan its use judiciously across India.

Anju Gaur, Vinita Ranade |

The gender pay gap in garment factories in Bangladesh of 8% is a "grade gap": though they enter at the same level, men get promoted faster and thereby paid more.

Kathleen Beegle |

This blog is based on new child and maternal mortality estimates released jointly today by the United Nations Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (UN IGME) and United Nations…

Emi Suzuki, Haruna Kashiwase |

Can the use of Big Data by financial institutions and alternative lenders lead to financial inclusion?

Pratibha Chhabra |

The World Bank recently co-organized Sierra Leone's first-ever Resilient Urban Mobility Hackathon, where talented youth came together together to tackle transport challenges through the use…

Fatima Arroyo Arroyo, Xavier Espinet, Dunstan Matekenya |