From public transit quality to land use patterns, there are many factors that may impact people's ability to access essential services like healthcare or education. A new World Bank study…

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Coordinated economic inclusion interventions can provide a valuable pathway out of extreme poverty.

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Des interventions coordonnées en faveur de l’inclusion économique sont des leviers précieux pour s’extraire de l’extrême pauvreté.

Mari Elka Pangestu |

Las iniciativas de inclusión económica están transformando la vida de millones de personas al eliminar las limitaciones que impiden a los más pobres alcanzar todo su potencial productivo.

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في الوقت الذي يواجه فيه العالم هذه الجائحة، يشير التقرير الجديد عن حالة الشمول الاقتصادي إلى مسارات لخروج أفقر الفئات وأكثرها حرماناً من دائرة الفقر

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Mobile government (mGov) offers developing countries several benefits for their citizens including financial inclusion, wider access to services and improved government social accountability.

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Building on data and extensive analytical work, the Sustainable Mobility for All initiative (SuM4All) is working with countries to transform their transport systems and create a better future.

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This is one of a series of guest blog posts we are developing for various regions as part of the 16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence. This post explores a Hotline for Female Entertainment…

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