As the spread of COVID-19 expands in less developed countries, policymakers will face an additional challenge that was largely absent in more developed economies – the informal sector.

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Editor's Note: Arvind Jain is a private sector development specialist working on survey implementation in the Enterprise Surveys group. Welcome!

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The World Bank's Enterprise Surveys team has published a new survey of businesses in Eastern Europe, analyzing the long-term effects of the financial crisis in the region. The report looks at…

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Recent World Bank investment climate surveys find that the top two constraints for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa are access to finance and access to energy. Given that SMEs…

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One of the primary goals of the Enterprise Surveys is to provide high quality data about the business environment based on establishments’ actual day-to-day experiences. This provides much needed…

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In a previous post, I had talked about problems due to power outages faced by retailers in India using Enterprise Survey’s data on 1, 948 retail stores. I provided evidence showing that losses due…

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