Energy CEO: California shows how carbon pricing can reduce emissions efficiently & cost effectively


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Anthony Earley is the chairman and CEO of PG&E Corporation, the parent company of Pacific Gas and Electric. He spoke ahead of the UN Secretary-General's Climate Leadership Summit about the importance of California's climate policies and carbon pricing in encouraging a shift to clean energy solutions. 

"Putting a price on carbon enables all of us – private sector companies like PG&E, government agencies, the general public, and other stakeholders – to factor the cost of greenhouse gas emissions into our everyday decisions."

"As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. And because climate change represents a long-term challenge, the sooner we begin to incorporate these costs the better. At PG&E, environmental stewardship has long been integral to our core mission of providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy."

"We have shown this by reducing the carbon footprint of the power we deliver to our customers. In fact, we have one of the cleanest generation portfolios in the nation. We have shown it by helping our customers use their electricity more efficiently, which we have done for over 30 years. And we have shown it by adopting more clean vehicles into our fleet than any other utility in the country."

"Many of these steps have been enabled by California’s progressive clean energy policies including Assembly Bill 32 - The Global Warming Solutions Act. AB32, which was signed in 2006 and which PG&E actively supported, put in motion the state’s cap-and-trade program."

"Today, California and other like-minded jurisdictions are proving that cap-and-trade systems can work to reduce carbon emissions efficiently and cost effectively. In the end, we want to do our part to protect and preserve the environment. But we recognize we can’t do it alone. We encourage other jurisdictions and corporations to join together in effective carbon pricing mechanisms to realize even greater benefits on a global scale."


Anthony Earley

Chairman and CEO, PG&E Corporation

k p sharma
February 03, 2015

Carbon Pricing helping environment and will shortly make renewable energy competitive.Life quality will improve

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May 04, 2022


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