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#Youth4Climate taps social media to give young people a voice in the upcoming COP21 in Paris
#Youth4Climate taps social media to give young people a voice in the upcoming COP21 in Paris
Today’s youth are the first generation to come of age amid climate change, and they have the most at stake to do something about it. The World Bank Group is joining with a network of partners to help young people around the world engage in the upcoming UNFCCC climate talks, which take place in Paris from November 30 to December 11, 2015.
For a month beginning November 12, our global partnership program Connect4Climate is teaming with this network to support youth climate messages with the hashtag #Youth4Climate. It is an open discussion for all to join with youth for climate action, as well as part of the White House’s Climate Literacy and Education Program.  Our partners in this campaign include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the U.S. Department of Energy, the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), the CLEAN Network, The Wild Center, Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy, Alliance for Climate Education, Earth Day Network, Climate Interactive, and others.
More than a billion young people live on the globe today. Climate education is now a necessary foundation for them to understand and help tackle the complex issue of climate change.  Many will become leaders with the skills, knowledge, and passion to push for and develop innovative solutions. 
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) recognizes that education is crucial.  As it points out in Article 6: “The solutions to climate change are also the paths to a safer, healthier, cleaner and more prosperous future for all. To see this and to understand what needs to be done requires a sharp and sustained focus on education, training and public awareness in all countries and at all levels of government, society and enterprise.”

Climate change will bring economic and environmental challenges as well as opportunities , and citizens who understand the issues at stake will be better prepared to respond. Knowing the essentials of climate science will enable young people to assess the challenge, identify opportunities, and support ambitious climate action as informed citizens. 

Many young people are already leaders in this effort. They are demanding ambitious action on climate change and organizing a youth climate movement. The #Youth4Climate coalition is supporting them on the road to, and through, Paris.
#Youth4Climate taps social media to give young people a voice in the upcoming COP21 in Paris

The #Youth4Climate campaign is promoting a number of events that emphasize the role of youth for climate solutions. These kick off with The Wild Center for the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit (November 12-13) and the Youth Summit of the World Bank Group (November 16-17).  The immediate lead-up to Paris will include the Conference of Youth, November 26-28.  And November 29, the day of the Global Climate March, young people can take part in the 24-hour Film a #Day4Climate Action challenge. 
During the climate talks, there will be multiple youth events on December 3, the official Young and Future Generations Day of the UNFCCC.  These will include a presentation of the documentary film An Inconvenient Youth facilitated by Connect4Climate. For the full calendar of events, visit the Connect4Climate website.
We are excited to join forces and support young people, giving them a voice and an opportunity to lead in Paris and beyond. We know the solutions are here, and are committed to working together to build a resilient and climate-friendly world. Join us with #Youth4Climate.


Max Thabiso Edkins

Communications Specialist, Connect4Climate

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Sinpare leopard
November 22, 2015

We are doing our best here in Nairobi city! Climate change is real! How can we be part of the connect4climate!

Max Edkins
November 23, 2015

Hi Sinpare, it's great to hear you are working to take on climate change in Nairobi, please share your story, your solutions and your climate actions. We would welcome you to join Connect4Climate as a knowledge partner:
Please join the online discussion with hashtag #Youth4Climate to and beyond COP21. Also send in your video message on November 29 as part of our Film a #Day4Climate video challenge:

Khalidou Amadou Ba
November 28, 2015

Hi i'm Khalidou i'm form Mauritanie i'm doing my best to help my people for changing the climat...We must do everything for a better life and protect the environnement.