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Why we need a price on carbon: the movie

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The perceived communications fiasco of the last few months about what is known and not known about the science of climate change led one of my students, Andy Lubershane, to try a different approach—animation.  His effort is meant to communicate in a clear, humorous, memorable way the reasons why we need to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions. 

Andy is one of 160 Master’s students using the World Development Report 2010 as a textbook on Environmental Assessment at the University of Michigan. 



For more environmentally-themed animations by the same artist, see


Submitted by fionna douglas on
I like it - we need a thousand different ways to tell the story, congratulations to Andy and the little stick figures, hope you are on U tube and everywhere else and if you are ever looking for insipration for other complex messages come to us. Fionna

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