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Friday roundup: Participatory development, Fed up in India, Migrants, Young women in Africa, and ag breakthroughs

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L. van Kempen has written an in-depth review in the Journal of Economics of the Bank's Policy Research Report titled 'Localizing Development.' Kempen finds that 'evidence catches up with the narrative.'

The Economist conducts a poll of young Indians, and concludes that young Indians are fed up and desperate for change.

The Atlantic's Shaun Raviv reveals that the farther African migrants move, the more they increase exports in their home countries.  Raviv's piece relies heavily on research conducted by the World Bank.

Lyn ElHarake from the Council on Foreign Relations writes about the prospects for young women in Africa, citing a new report from the World Bank on Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa.

A new report from the International Food Policy Research Institute finds that a  tailored mix of farming technologies could significantly improve global food security by mid-century.

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