Bicycle-sharing programs starting to appear in Asian cities


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When I think about the biggest frustrations that typically come with living in, or simply visiting, a big city, bad traffic probably tops my list. For me, few things are more maddening than being stuck in a slowly moving (or worse, stand-still) line of cars. This is why it's not too surprising that bicycle-sharing programs have become quite popular here in Washington, D.C., and in several North American and European cities.

Now in Asia, these programs, which provide people with free or affordable access to bikes, are apparently starting to take off in popularity. The Springwise entrepreneurial blog points us to ambitious new bike-sharing organizations in the Taiwanese cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung City, as well as similar programs in Changwon, Korea and Hangzhou, China.

Cities and communities love and often support bike-sharing programs because they help reduce traffic congestion, noise and pollution. And the rentals are usually cheap, giving another option for transportation to more people. I suppose bicycle congestion still has a potential of being an annoyance, but at least they don't smell of exhaust and can't honk at you.

Image credit: mywayaround at Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

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April 19, 2009

what I'm thinking of bike sharing program in Indonesia, it works in university areas.

if you've visit gadjah mada univ in jogjakarta, you'll find bike sharing-like. students allowed to use bike in university area only.

that nice if applied in the city. but i'm sure, the city must provide enough infrastructure and regulation supporting bike program. I'm afraid you will meet such city in indonesia