Videos: Dalee Sambo Dorough of UN Permanament Forum on Indigenous Issues and Others Sound Off


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Watch as special guests of the Indigenous Peoples, Poverty and Development workshop explore the interlinkage between human rights, education and the future of indigenous peoples. Above, Dalee Sambo Dorough, representative to the UN Permanament Forum on Indigenous Issues, discusses the role of the international community. Also, check out other speakers as they share their thoughts below:

  • Anne Deruyttere, Asian Development Bank on indigenous development
  • Daniel Wilson, Indigenous rights consultant on realizing human rights
  • David Ader, Pennsylvania State University on rural sociology & demography
  • David Macdonald, Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives on education
  • Eduardo Undurraga, Brandeis University on the Bolivian context (in Spanish)


 The workshop convened researchers and collaborators of a new global study.

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