Haiti is one of the most deforested countries in the world, and hazards such as heavy rains devastate crops and livelihoods with a more challenging, longer road to recovery.

Jimena Llopis, Emilie Bernadette Perge |

Hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic remain uncollected on Caribbean islands each year and voluminous waves of plastic waste wash up on the shores, especially after severe storms.

Karin Kemper, Tahseen Sayed |

Ecuador is paying more and more attention to data collection and disaster risk management across sectors​. The Cruz-Castro Family searching for their belongings after the 2016 earthquake in...

Diana Rubiano |

Imagine que vive en una ciudad que se inunda constantemente, e incluso durante semanas en algunas ocasiones, después de lluvias extremas. Imagine que vive en esa ciudad inundada, donde usted y...

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The first time I heard of the Bolivian city of Trinidad was exactly 11 months ago. Although Trinidad is the 10th largest city in Bolivia, I confess I did not know much about it. The Ministry of...

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