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How can countries implement low tech remote learning? Using the experiences from Edu Radio and Edu TV in Sierra Leone and Pakistan to develop Knowledge Packs

Mabel Martinez, Maria Barron, Sharon Zacharia |

Digital jobs are opening up important new work opportunities for youth with disabilities in developing countries. The COVID‒19 pandemic has accelerated the expansion of jobs which offer...

Namita Datta, Sunamika Singh |

The Government of Sri Lanka has embarked on a highly anticipated digital transformation journey to help the general public and businesses fill and submit relevant information and documents...

Junko Narimatsu, Aneesa Mendis, Jagath Seneviratna |

On this World Information Society Day, Georgia has embarked on an important journey to bring more of its citizens online. The Government’s Open Net program, which seeks to connect about 1,000...

Siddhartha Raja, Himmat Singh Sandhu |

Data from the AEA randomized trial registry provides a window into how the pipeline of new experimental research has changed during the pandemic

Development Impact Guest Blogger |

Fintech is not (yet) making good on its promise: there is a sizable “fintech gender gap.” While 29% of men in the survey use fintech, only 21% of women do – a gap of 8 percentage points (pp).

Sharon Chen, Sebastian Doerr, Jon Frost, Leonardo Gambacorta, Hyun Song Shin |

Financial institutions are showing resilience and will be central to the recovery

Paulo de Bolle, Issa Faye |

This week's link include a new VoxDevLit on microcredit, an experiment on improving vocational training in India, advice on bin construction in histograms, and more...

David McKenzie |

Benefits of higher speed are generally well recognized and promoted as travel time savings, but the true economic costs of speed are often hidden. So, what are the real benefits and costs of speed...

Kazuyuki Neki, Dr. Soames Job, BA (Honours 1), PhD, GAICD, FACRS, Sudeshna Mitra, Juan Miguel Velásquez, Milly Lumumba |

In 38 countries, women can still be fired for being pregnant

Olena Mykhalchenko, Isabel Santagostino Recavarren |