Digitizing phytosanitary certificates can help prevent the spread of pests through trade in agricultural products.

Bill Gain, Shane Sela |

In Nepal, women make up over 90 percent of the agricultural force. Large cardamom is no exception and gives women the opportunity to earn a decent living.

Navya D’Souza |

世界银行的研究结果表明:“一带一路”交通走廊能大幅改善参与国的贸易、外国投资和国民生活条件—— 但前提是,中国及“一带一路”的各参与国能实施更深入的,可提升透明度、扩大贸易和提高债务可持续性的政策改革,并减少环境、社会和腐败风险。

Martin Raiser, Michele Ruta |

A new World Bank study concludes that the Belt and Road transport corridors could substantially improve trade, foreign investment, and living conditions for citizens in participating countries—but...

Martin Raiser, Michele Ruta |

Trade facilitation reforms directed at faster and more efficient trade keep extra costs down, make countries more attractive to investors, and help private sector players compete.

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تعمل تقنية قواعد البيانات المتسلسلة سريعا على تحويل طريقة تخزين البيانات وإدارتها. فبدلًا من استخدام قاعدة بيانات مركزية، تعتمد تقنية قواعد البيانات المتسلسلة على شبكة من كتل البيانات المحمية...

تشي فونغ فان, ألمود فايتز, يعين لم |

The rise of blockchain promises to revolutionize many sectors, including cross-border trade logistics and global supply chains: blockchain can help track international shipments more effectively,...

Chi Fung Fan, Almud Weitz, Yin Lam |

Les blockchains peuvent en effet permettre d’assurer un suivi plus efficace des expéditions, de réduire les tâches administratives en automatisant les formalités et de protéger les transactions...

Chi Fung Fan, Almud Weitz, Yin Lam |