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New financing options are needed for cities to build and maintain essential services and infrastructure. Examples from waste management, water and sanitation projects demonstrate ways to boost...

Cheryl Edleson Hanway, Henri Blas |

The Commodity Markets Outlook in eight charts

John Baffes, Peter Nagle |

How can insights from research in other disciplines support teachers’ professional development?

Katy Bullard, Ana Teresa Del Toro Mijares |

The World Bank partnered with the Turkish government to explore an innovative and powerful way to accelerate data sharing, namely the creation of “data spaces,” with the broader objective of...

Charles Hurpy |

Our annual call for PhD students on the job market to blog their job market paper is now open.

David McKenzie |

This reading list is based on the September 2021 edition of the Knowledge4Jobs newsletter, curated by the World Bank’s Jobs Group and the Social Protection & Jobs Labor & Skills Global...

Zahid Hasnain, Faisal A. Baig, Turkan Mukhtarova, Kevwe Pela |

business as usual is not an option. Meeting the challenge of “water and sanitation for all” demands out-of-the-box thinking. Across the globe we are seeing that many utilities are taking up the...

Fernando Armendaris Puente, Federico Perez Penalosa, Camilo Lombana Cordoba |

Understanding the inequities of gender relations in a specific field, and crafting gender-equitable programs to address key areas, is at the heart of achieving strong outcomes in international...

Ellen Hagerman |

Comprendre les inégalités femmes-hommes dans un secteur donné et concevoir des programmes soucieux d’y remédier est essentiel à la réussite des projets de développement international.

Ellen Hagerman |

This entry introduces seven papers published from October 1 to October 15 on various topics, including COVID-19, immigration, capital flows and others.

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