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Accelerating innovation, entrepreneurship, and inclusion: Farmer-led irrigation at 2019 Stockholm World Water Week

Regassa Ensermu Namara, Lauren Nicole Core |

Weekly links October 18: innovation experiments, do tax incentives for big firms work, Nobel tributes, and more...

David McKenzie |

Si bien se han registrado mejoras en los indicadores de salud relacionados con los servicios de abastecimiento de agua y saneamiento, Bolivia todavía está rezagada en comparación con otros países...

Alfonso Alvestegui |

The East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region is often characterized as a global success story in terms of the amount and pace of poverty reduction over the last few decades.

Judy Yang |

What skills are the most important to teach to the ‘new generation’?

Cristobal Cobo |

Even though Thailand is now an upper-middle income country that has nearly eradicated extreme poverty, data show that poverty reduction has slowed down and have been uneven across the country.

Judy Yang |

د بېوزلۍ نړېواله ورځ ټولو مسوولو بنسټونو ته دا فرصت برابروي چې په ټوله نړۍ کې د بېوزلۍ د له منځه وړلو په موخه خپلې هر اړخيزې هڅې همغږې کړي او د فېروزې په څېر د ميليونونو بېوزلو او بې اسرې خلکو...

Henry G. Kerali |

International Poverty Day, which falls today, is yet another call to action to eradicate poverty across the world and help Firoza and millions of others live a better life.

Henry G. Kerali |

حفیظه صمدی و خواهر بزرگتر اش فیروزه صمدی که بیوه است در یک روستای ولسوالی گلدره، در ۲۰ کیلومتری شمال کابل، زندگی میکنند.

Henry G. Kerali |

Studies indicate that in India alone, only 30 percent of the IT workforce is female. Most women in IT start well, but their careers are disrupted five to 10 years in, thanks to marriage or...

Ramalatha Marimuthu |