We need to be fluid in our approach to eliminating child marriage, due to the number and nature of systems that nurture the practice. Patriarchy, is one such system.

Ellen Barnie Peprah |

Sustained investment in digital services can be crucial for preparedness and resilience to shocks like a pandemic.

Silvana Kostenbaum, Cem Dener |

Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. Nearly four in 10 girls marry each year before their 18th birthday, many of them becoming mothers at a young age....

Hafez Ghanem |

L'Afrique subsaharienne est la région du monde où la prévalence des mariages d’enfants est la plus élevée : près de quatre filles sur dix se marient avant leur 18e anniversaire et nombre d...

Hafez Ghanem |

A África Subsaariana tem uma das mais elevadas taxa de casamentos infantis do mundo. Quase quatro em cada 10 raparigas casam todos anos antes de completarem 18 anos, e muitas delas são mães numa...

Hafez Ghanem |

Caribbean nations offer valuable lessons on how to mitigate the effects of shocks, like natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic, through more resilient public financial management (PFM)...

Tracey Marie Lane, Ruxandra Burdescu, Leah April |

Effective management of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) can offer countries a layer of defense for fiscal resilience and sustainability when resources become scarce due to natural disasters.

Ruxandra Burdescu, Jana Kunicova, Joy ten Berge |

Fragile and conflict-affected countries are home to about 46% of the world’s extreme poor. The need for support is great in these environments, but ironically, data is scarcer than anywhere else...

Filip Jolevski, Jorge Luis Rodriguez Meza |

Обзор основных мер, принятых Группой Всемирного банка в ответ на КОВИД-19.

Дэвид Малпасс |

A summary of the important steps the World Bank Group has taken in response to COVID-19.

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