Aziz  Dao

Aziz Dao

Analista de Investigación, Laboratorio de Innovación de Género de la Región Africana, Banco Mundial

Dao, Aziz is a Research Analyst at the World Bank’s Africa Region Gender Innovation Lab (GIL). His research interests include agricultural risk management, innovation adoption, SME competitiveness, and gender-related topics. Before joining GIL, He has worked as Economist with the Investment Centre of the FAO and has expertise in project costing (using Costab) and project economic and financial analysis including environmental co-benefits accounting (using EX-ACT) in the west and central Africa. Aziz holds a bachelor’s degree in statistics and computer science from the University Nazi Boni (Burkina Faso) and a master’s degree in mathematics, statistics, and economics, specializing in development economics, from the African School of Economics in Benin. Languages: Dioula mother tongue, French, English, some Yoruba