Estelle  Koussoubé

Estelle Koussoubé

Economista, Laboratorio de Innovación de Género de la Región Africana, Banco Mundial

Estelle Koussoubé is an Economist at the World Bank’s Africa Gender Innovation Lab, where she leads the Lab research agenda on youth employment and adolescent girls’ empowerment. She currently works on impact evaluations of adolescent girls and women empowerment programs, youth employment programs, as well as agriculture and gender-based violence prevention programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, to inform the design and implementation of effective programs and policies to reduce gender inequality. Before joining the World Bank, Estelle was a Junior Research Follow at UMR DIAL (French Research Institute for Development and Paris-Dauphine University) where she worked on the NOPOOR Project. Estelle received her PhD in Economics from Paris-Dauphine University.