Gerhard  Embacher-Köhle

Gerhard Embacher-Köhle

Gerente de Innovación del Austrian Federal Computing Center y Consultor en el Banco Mundial

Gerhard Embacher-Köhle is an experienced expert in public sector innovation, user-centric design, and digital government transformation. As Innovation Manager of the Federal Computing Center of Austria, he designed and established the innovation system and lab “BRZ Innovation Factory”. He works with citizens, businesses, academia, and government employees to develop solutions to challenges and co-create innovative digital government services with a strong emphasis on user engagement.

Gerhard participated in various digital government transformation projects as a Principal Consultant to the Austrian government. These projects include designing Austria’s digital citizen one-stop-shop, the government gambling control and fraud prevention system, legislative and player protection measures, and implementing the federal firearms register.

He delivers lectures on design thinking, citizen engagement, and digital government transformation at the Austrian Administration Academy, the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Previously he worked on various national and international projects across the public and private sectors.