Riccardo Puliti

Riccardo Puliti

Vicepresidente del Departamento de Infraestructura

Riccardo Puliti, an Italian national, is the Vice President for Infrastructure at the World Bank as of August 16, 2021. In this position he leads the Bank's global efforts to build effective infrastructure in developing and emerging markets and supports the World Bank Group’s strategic business priorities such as the climate change action plan. He oversees the Bank's critical work across energy and transport sectors, digital development, and efforts to provide access to renewable energy and low-carbon transportation and quality infrastructure services to communities through public-private partnerships.  Infrastructure represents around USD 75 billion of the Bank’s portfolio.

Prior to this appointment, Riccardo served as Regional Director, Infrastructure for Africa, covering 48 countries and overseeing and providing strategic direction for the largest infrastructure program in the World Bank while working with IFC and MIGA to develop the conditions for mobilizing private capital. Riccardo joined the World Bank Group as Senior Director of the Energy and Extractives Global Practice in November 2016 and led a team of professionals, developing policies and financing in the global energy and extractive industries. In July 2019, in addition to his role as Global Director, Riccardo assumed the position of Regional Director for Infrastructure in Africa.

Riccardo brings to this post extensive thought leadership and deep experience and understanding of both public and private sectors as well as an exemplary track record of service to client countries. Throughout his career Riccardo worked in the infrastructure domain across sectors from legal and regulatory frameworks, technological innovation, to corporate, and project finance. He started at Istituto Mobiliare Italiano and later worked at Banque Indosuez and NM Rothschild and Sons. Prior to joining the World Bank Group, Riccardo was the Managing Director in charge of Energy and Extractive Industries at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Riccardo has been a nominee or independent member of the board of energy and extractive as well as transport companies, including OMV Petrom, Interrao OJSC, Iberdrola Renovables Polska, and Ukraine International Airlines, and has represented the World Bank in many international forums. He holds an MBA from Instituto Superior de Estudios de la Empresa (IESE) and postgraduate studies at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and Imperial College.