The Endeavor Model: High-Impact Entrepreneurs


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Fernando Fabre is the President of Endeavor Global.

He was interviewed by the JKP on June 6, 2012.

Developing countries are often counseled to encourage entrepreneurship as a way to boost growth and create jobs. But the way to do that often isn't clear given that these countries may not have much experience with role models, management expertise, and access to smart capital, to name just a few likely barriers. One innovative effort under way in this regard is Endeavor Global, a nonprofit that tries to help transform emerging countries by establishing High-Impact Entrepreneurship as the leading force for sustainable economic development.

To learn more, we spoke with its President, Fernando Fabre, who previously (2004 to February 2011) was the Managing Director of Endeavor Mexico. In 2002, he was appointed by Mexico President Vicente Fox under the Partnership for Prosperity Program to help develop a set of guidelines to build an entrepreneurial culture in Mexico. In our interview, he talks about the need for mentors to support talented entrepreneurs, who can then go on to inspire future generations of entrepreneurs.

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