Costa Rica's forests: making others green with envy?


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Costa Rica has become the crown jewel of Latin America in terms of environmental protection and its respect for biodiversity. After more than 10 years of putting “green” policies in to practice to protect its forests – which cover 51% of its land mass- the Central American country aims to be fully carbon neutral by 2021, the first to reach this global milestone.

“In the 1970s, we destroyed much of the forest and now I want to reverse the damage we’ve done to humanity,” says Virgilio, owner of a 196-hectare lot in Puriscal and participant in an innovative program that provides money to small and mid-sized property owners to encourage them to take care of their land. So far, the program has managed to protect 12% of the country’s forests.

During my visit to Costa Rica to film this video on the country’s environmental advances, I also spoke with Sandra María, a woman who manages a small inn many would pay a fortune for the opportunity to visit. “Here we don’t cut trees down 3because trees give life,” she says with the confidence of one who knows she is doing the right thing. 




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Costa Rica Animals Rock
April 12, 2013

Costa Rica is definately one of the Greenest countries inside and out of Central America. Recently, the country even provisionally approved a ban on hunting. This bill will make it illegal to hunt for the most part. The indigenous people can still hunt to a few specific reasons, but it is one more step towards protecting the species in the country. Now both the forests and the animals living within are being protected.