Chart: Globally, 70% of Freshwater is Used for Agriculture


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In most regions of the world, over 70 percent of freshwater is used for agriculture. By 2050, feeding a planet of 9 billion people will require an estimated 50 percent increase in agricultural production and a 15 percent increase in water withdrawals.

Shankar Athreya
March 27, 2017

Really useful slide as it highlights the regional disparity. Tariq, would you also have information which superimposes water usage against agricultural production regionally on an annual basis over the past decade. This should hopefully highlight water efficiency. Also, is Australia part of East Asia & Pacific?

sylvia khalloqi
April 01, 2017

what about North America ? it would be interesting to know ...

Anthony Luhulima
April 01, 2017

This is very important information and I have using as a teacher for my student to know that information. Thank you very much.

Anthony Luhulima
April 01, 2017

The text is very important and as a teacher I'll going to share information to my students cause they must to know most freshwater in their life therefore using the freshwater is very effective and efficient.

Abhishek Biswas
May 13, 2020

Very true