Chart: What Share of Health Costs are Paid Out of Pocket?


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In many low and middle income countries, out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures are high, and can be a significant financial risk to the poor. Universal health coverage (UHC) is about people having access to needed health care without suffering undue financial hardship.


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Nalin Kishor
December 12, 2016

Thanks. This is very illustrative/helpful. Would there be a breakdown for expenditures by types of illnesses? I am especially interested in those related to air and water pollution.

Paul Alu
December 13, 2016

Just concluded a study on health account with HGF in Lagos State Nigeria. Its interesting to note that States in Nigeria don't have records on out of pocket spending for health. This does not just apply to Lagos alone it applies to most developing countries. Even in cases where these data's are available accessibility is a big problem.

May 25, 2018

in countries like India the abouthealth care expenses are a real financial burden to the poor. Universal health coverage means the accessibility of standard healthcare to everyone without having to endure any financial stress

Asad ali
February 11, 2019

Thanks for sharing