Chart: Where Have Forests Been Lost and Gained?


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Over the last 25 years Brazil lost around half a million square kilometers of forest - around the same area that China gained. Since 1990, the growing demand for forest products and for agricultural land has contributed to an average annual loss of 50,000 square kilometers of forest globally - an area the size of Costa Rica. Read more in "Five forest figures for the International Day of Forests."

March 31, 2017

Unfortunately, we have almost completely lost ours. You know the saddest thing? ...authorities seem not to be bothered about it! And the populace needs a lot of education to understand the need for forest protection.
Poverty appears to be the main driving force to deforestation...but then some households do plant trees only if they are economic and must be close to the family house. That's not enough to compensate to what have been lost!