Chart: Why Are Women Restricted From Working?


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Economies grow faster when more women work, but in every region of the world, restrictions exist on women’s employment. The 2018 edition of Women Business and the Law examines 189 economies and finds that in 104 of them, women face some kind of restriction. 30% of economies restrict women from working in jobs deemed hazardous, arduous or morally inappropriate; 40% restrict women from working in certain industries, and 15% restrict women from working at night.


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Hassan Twinemasiko
May 04, 2018

In the current world there's need for collectively coming up together to support our communities and economies irrespective of gender, belief or race but to some extent most conditions tend not to favour some groups of women like shifts that may require them to appear at night since they are the strong holds of ahome and some work environments but dat couldn't be bought as an excuse as though support includes mental, physical and social involvement in the general aspects of economic development.

T. Viswanathan
April 01, 2018

It is nice to knew World Bank related Reports,News and Datas.

April 05, 2018