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CALL FOR PAPERS: KNOMAD Conference on Internal Migration and Urbanization, Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 28-29, 2014

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KNOMAD Thematic Working Group on Internal Migration and Urbanization will host this event. We very much encourage you to submit a paper and also share this information broadly with your colleagues.

KNOMAD Conference on Internal Migration and Urbanization

The deadline for submitting abstracts of papers for this event is March 5, 2014. Abstracts must be submitted by email to [email protected] or [email protected]. The deadline for submitting first drafts of the selected papers is April 15, 2014.  The program will be posted on the KNOMAD website.

Conference aims to:

a. Explore the significant drivers of internal migration in a select group of countries and regions (in Asia and Africa and as well as in Latin America) and generate cross-country outputs underscoring context- specific push and pull factors contributing to internal migration and their impact on urbanization and poverty reduction.

b. Examine the interconnection of internal and international migration, the vulnerabilities, coping mechanisms and resilience of accompanying and left behind members of families of internal migrants such as women, children, the elderly and adolescent.

c. Highlight the positive contributions of internal migrants who are often viewed with suspicion and seen as a problem for urban development and to sensitize the urban planners and policy makers to give due cognizance to the contributions they make to host towns as well as to the families and communities they left behind.

We welcome papers on the following four special themes:

Theme 1:  Drivers of internal migration
Theme 2:  Effects of internal migration on poverty reduction, income and gender inequality, rural transformation (including urbanization of towns), and agricultural productivity.
Theme 3:  Interconnection between internal migration and international migration.
Theme 4:  Internal migration data

For further information, please visit KNOMAD website. Please contact me at [email protected], should you have any questions.

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