Microfinance - buy it on eBay, part II


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Ebay_2 MicroPlace, the fully-owned subsidiary of the internet-giant eBay, is finally open for business.

Described as "Kiva.org with a touch of Prosper.com," the microlending site offers lenders interest rates between 1 and 4 percent.

Rob Katz has a good post comparing the two.

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mads kjaer
October 29, 2007

It's great with both the microplace and kiva initiatives.

Yet there is a third one out there!

www.myc4.com (My Care For) has been in beta since May 2007 and the first 150 loans in Uganda have been founded from +800 investors (and investor groups) from 35 countries.

Ivory Coast will join MyC4 as the 2nd country in Africa and another 51 to follow step-by-step.

The investors being both private, organizations and company's and the African entrepreneurs being both micro- as well as macro businesses.

The Dutch auctions allows for various interest rates from the investors and a possible lower than asked for by the Africa business.

MyC4 is solely focusing on Africa and is also using the UN MDGs for reporting and have the vision to connect capital wth business in Africa and through this reach the UN MDGs latest by 2015.

Eradicate Poverty Through Business.

B rgds

Mads Kjaer

CEO and Co-Founder

MyC4 A/S

PS: 100 invested on MyC4 is 100 received by the African business! Its free to invest.