El Banco Mundial anunció que invertirá más de USD 5000 millones entre 2020 y 2025 en 11 países del Sahel, la región del Lago Chad y el Cuerno de África, abarcando desde Senegal hasta Djibouti.

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Temperatures in the Sahel are increasing 1.5 times faster than the global average, and around 80 percent of the farmland has lost some degree of its natural productivity. Together, these factors…

Simeon Ehui, Maria Sarraf |

Au Sahel, les températures augmentent une fois et demie plus rapidement que la moyenne mondiale, et environ 80 % des terres cultivables ont déjà perdu une part de leur productivité naturelle. À…

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ترتفع درجات الحرارة في منطقة الساحل بمعدل أسرع من متوسط ارتفاعها عالمياً بنحو 1.5 مرة؛ كما فقدت ما يقرب من 80% من الأراضي الزراعية بعضاً من إنتاجيتها الطبيعية.

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How did Bangladesh achieve a successful demographic transition by decreasing the total fertility rate – and what important lessons can its experience hold for other countries?

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These are some of the most pressing development priorities in South Asia and the topics for our most popular blogs in 2020.

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The World Bank’s Sustainable Enterprise Project provides access to loans for microenterprises to adopt cleaner and greener methods of operation. In light of the pandemic, the project started to…

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While the poor have suffered severely during the crisis, many informal workers in the middle of the income distribution also experienced a large drop in earnings.

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The Emergency Multi-Sector Rohingya Crisis Response Project is supporting the Bangladesh government to scale up access to essential services such as energy, water, sanitation, and disaster-…

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