Amidst the renowned tea fields of Sri Lanka, a subtle yet significant shift is underway – one that promises a brighter future for the children growing up on these plantations.

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Looking back on 2023, here are 5 key takeaways on regional cooperation in South Asia.

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A look back at South Asia’s year in 10 blogs. These blogs spotlight stories of resilience and innovation, and explore issues critical to the region such as air pollution, climate change, women’s…

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Pakistan is grappling with the profound impacts of climate change, such as shifting weather patterns and catastrophic floods. Unfortunately, these impacts are projected to escalate, with forecasts…

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Understanding and building Indigenous resilience to climate change in South Asia

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Extreme climate events have been increasingly common in Sri Lanka. The World Bank is helping to increase climate resilience - through efforts such as improving flood resilience in the Kelani River…

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In Pakistan, disability can often mean invisibility. In times of crisis, this invisibility can become deadly. The Sindh Flood Emergency Housing Project (SFEHRP), which facilitated community…

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The scale of the climate challenge facing South Asia is immense. Average temperatures have risen by 1 °C since pre-industrial times, leading to more scorching heatwaves across India and Pakistan.…

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Improved agriculture services and irrigation boost rural livelihoods in Nepal
Rani Jamara Kulariya Irrigation Project

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