COVID-19 has been a global catastrophe killing millions, damaging economies, and impairing human development. Yet, the pandemic has also been a catalyst for much needed health system reform,…

Aparnaa Somanathan, Trina Haque, Feng Zhao |

Investments in the early years have been proven to be among the most cost-effective ways of improving life outcomes and reducing inequality of opportunity. The recently-published Pakistan Human…

Amna Ansari, Amer Hasan |

Pakistan's growing working-age population can become healthier, more educated, more skilled, more productive. A recent study by the World Bank shows that Pakistan’s Human Capital Index (HCI)…

Lire Ersado, Koen Geven, Amer Hasan |

In the summer of 2022, unusually intense monsoon rains – exacerbated by climate change - caused a super flood that submerged one-third of Pakistan, affecting some 33 million people. While all four…

Anne T. Kuriakose, Thomas Kerr |

In Pakistan, a country with one of the largest gender gaps in the world, women are bringing change to the emergency rescue service.

Farah Yamin Khan, Yoko Okura |

A tumultuous year of deep uncertainty brought on by multiple overlapping crises in which South Asia was hit by a series of unprecedented shocks. Here's a look back at 2022 in 10 blogs.

Adnan Siddiqi |

Strengthening Systems to Support Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

Louise Cord, Faris Hadad-Zervos |

For South Asia to reach its full economic potential, it must explore untapped opportunities.

Hans Timmer |

As the gusts of the COVID-19 pandemic quieten, South Asian economies, left fragile and uneven in their recovery, are facing renewed headwinds: high inflation, rising fiscal deficits, and…

Zoe Leiyu Xie, Xiao'ou Zhu |

March 10th, 2022 marks an important milestone in the World Bank Group’s support to Pakistan in its land and housing sectors, with the approval of three complementary investments. This trilogy of…

Namoos Zaheer, Shahnaz Arshad, Dongkyu Kwak |