Hacer una TED sobre #MigraciónVenezolana no es fácil. Demanda claridad y precisión y te exige emocional, mental y físicamente de formas que no anticipas. Mira el resultado aquí.

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Migrants and refugees face the same limitations to basic infrastructure and other government services long endured by local communities.

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En el mundo, alrededor de mil millones de personas -un 15% de la población- vive con algún tipo de discapacidad, según el Informe Mundial sobre la Discapacidad de la Organización Mundial de la…

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Labores de limpieza en el río Matanza-Riachuelo, en la provincia de Buenos Aires, uno de los más contaminados de América Latina/Banco Mundial Disponible en inglés Cuando hablamos de inundaciones,…

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In recognition of the vulnerabilities of small island states, we are responding to their aspirations and supporting their recovery and resilience building efforts in five inter-connected ways.

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It is well established in the economic literature that it’s the rich who benefit from the lion’s share of energy subsidies. Yet, it is often the poor and vulnerable who protest loudly against…

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A prevention program against crime and violence in Zacatecoluca, El Salvador, supports sporting activities for the children from this municipality. Photo: Victoria Ojea/World Bank

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This blog was previously published in The World Post.
Talk about ‘growth’ in Latin America has become less upbeat today than a few years ago. That’s no surprise. For over a decade, average…

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‘Oh you’re going to Lima? I’ve heard the food is supposed to be amazing’. So goes the typical comment I get from friends and family when I would mention my work related travel plans. And in this…

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