Hard-won gains in health and education over the past decade are at risk as essential services and household incomes crumble.

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World Bank Group President David Malpass provides an update on some of the work underway to address the COVID-19 pandemic and other significant development challenges.

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World Bank Group President David Malpass provides an update about recent developments on issues of debt transparency and sustainability, vaccine and healthcare responses, and others.

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The implementation of SDGs can be in jeopardy if disaster risk finance is not considered.

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  © Dominic Chavez/Global Financing Facility [[tweetable]]​When countries invest in people—particularly young people—they're investing in the future and giving the next generation an…

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© Julia Pacheco/World Bank Celina Maria migrated from Bahia to Rio de Janeiro when she was just 17 and pregnant with twins, without completing her education and therefore have had difficulties…

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© Dominic Chavez/World Bank India’s state of Chhattisgarh faced a daunting challenge in the mid-2000s. About half of its public food distribution was leaked, meaning that it never reached the…

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Globally 2.9 million people died from household air pollution in 2015, caused by cooking over foul, smoky fires from solid fuels such as wood, charcoal, coal, animal dung, and agricultural crop…

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Another year has passed, and as we do each year-end, here’s a rundown of what content resonated most with you on World Bank social media in 2016. Four World Bank Facebook posts you cared about…

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One woman is victimized by violence every 15 seconds in Brazil, with a total of 23% of all Brazilian women experiencing violence in their lifetime. There are many notable consequences affecting…

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