Our Honduras Jobs Diagnostic found that rural homes are especially affected by under-employment, but there is considerable variance.

Veronica Michel, Ian Walker |

New findings show that, like their counterparts in many neighboring countries, Honduran women are sorely underrepresented in the job market.

Veronica Michel, Ian Walker |

Increasing the number of jobs publicly listed, enabling public and private institutions to better connect workers to jobs will not likely solve the jobs problem in developing countries. (Photo: …

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  The job creation challenge is intensifying. And the next generation of productive alliances must tap its potential more proactively. What are the best ways to optimize this approach towards…

Ethel Sennhauser, Francisco Obreque |

A key theme in this year’s IDA replenishment is the need to improve jobs through accelerated economic transformation. Generating more jobs and increasing productivity by creating stronger market…

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