Research and surveys consistently show that firms do not rank tax incentives as the primary reason for choosing where to invest. Instead, political and macroeconomic stability, the legal…

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Asia’s youngest country, Timor-Leste, is pursuing an ambitious trade policy agenda aimed at deepening its integration into regional and global markets and improving living standards for its 1.3…

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The World Bank is creating opportunities to engage youth to tap their energy and out-of-the-box thinking through the Ideathon 4 Climate

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The World Bank and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade are working together to make a sustainable impact in the Pacific region’s water sector.

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From little things, big things grow: Papua New Guinea cocoa farmers defy the pandemic downturn

Ruth Moiam |

The Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens the uneven recovery of East Asia and Pacific. The invasion comes on top of the economic distress caused by the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, the financial…

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The Korea Trust Fund for Economic and Peace-Building Transitions (KTF) is helping World Bank teams find innovative ways—such as using satellites or smart phones to collect current data—to keep…

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COVID-19 vaccination rates are low in PNG; in fact, some of – if not, the – lowest in East Asia Pacific. Supply of vaccines was an issue at first, and issues with health infrastructure are an…

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Blog featuring female leaders across the Pacific for the World Bank Pacific’s 2021 International Women’s Day campaign.

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, we are about a year into an unprecedented health and economic crisis that has destroyed lives and livelihoods globally and in the East Asia and…

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