Earthquakes, landslides and heavy rainfall often cause long-term disruption of transport systems in South Asia, resulting in economic setbacks affecting internal trade and regional integration.…

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The World Bank’s fund for the poorest countries, IDA has been a reliable partner in South Asia for more than six decades and contributed to a sharp decline in poverty in the region. Yet, for…

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World Bank South Asia Region team provides a platform for conversations about regional connectivity and helps find common ground between country priorities and regional integration.

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South Asia is home to some of the world’s countries most vulnerable to climate change. In the past decade alone, nearly 700 million people—half of the region’s population—were affected by one or…

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د بېوزلۍ نړېواله ورځ ټولو مسوولو بنسټونو ته دا فرصت برابروي چې په ټوله نړۍ کې د بېوزلۍ د له منځه وړلو په موخه خپلې هر اړخيزې هڅې همغږې کړي او د فېروزې په څېر د ميليونونو بېوزلو او بې اسرې خلکو…

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International Poverty Day, which falls today, is yet another call to action to eradicate poverty across the world and help Firoza and millions of others live a better life.

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حفیظه صمدی و خواهر بزرگتر اش فیروزه صمدی که بیوه است در یک روستای ولسوالی گلدره، در ۲۰ کیلومتری شمال کابل، زندگی میکنند.

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As heatwaves intensify, life for many South Asians will change. While this change may not be fully reversible, with appropriate policy and action, it can be managed to ease its impact.

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