On March 20, 2020, Malawi’s President, Peter Mutharika, declared a State of Disaster due to the high risk of a COVID-19 outbreak. A few days later, on April 2, not far from my house in a…

Francisco Obreque |

To help workers transition to this new normal, governments need to continue implementing strong actions to support workers.

Indhira Santos, Michael Weber |

As we address pandemic-related food security in the region, this is a good time to revisit important lessons learned from the South Asia Food and Nutrition Security Initiative.

Cecile Fruman, Yinan Zhang |

A building can be a home, a shelter, a place of work and learning. It can also be the most significant investment of a lifetime, the wealth-base of a household, and the foundation for a resilient…

Ana Campos Garcia, Theresa Abrassart, Louisa Helen Barker |

The unprecedented crisis posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) will mean that South Asia might experience its worst economic performance in 40 years, with at least half its countries falling into a…

Hans Timmer, Valerie Mercer-Blackman, Robert C M Beyer |

As it continues to spread, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is triggering an economic fallout that will drive millions into poverty and further increase inequality. We are fighting back.

Hartwig Schafer |

Alors que l’épidémie de Covid-19 continue à se propager, ses conséquences économiques vont plonger des millions de personnes dans la pauvreté et creuser encore davantage les inégalités.

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Несмотря на то, что мои регулярные поездки в Южную Азию практически прекратились, я никогда не чувствовал себя более связанным с этим регионом. Мне каждый день напоминают о том, что…

Hartwig Schafer |

The deadly COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is bringing together leaders of South Asian countries in a way rarely seen in recent years.

Cecile Fruman, Mandakini Kaul |

Malawi is not spared from the disruption caused by the digital economy. Automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence will soon disrupt the way we work, whether in the bustling Limbe Market,…

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