Alors que la région s’engage sur la voie du redressement, il est important que les gouvernements privilégient une reprise « verte ».

Lia Sieghart, Martin Heger |

As the region recovers from the economic downturn, it is important that governments make their recovery 'green'.

Lia Sieghart, Martin Heger |

ومن الأهمية بمكان والمنطقة تتعافى من الركود الاقتصادي أن تراعي الحكومات في تعافيها الاقتصادي الاعتبارات البيئية.

ليا سيغهارت, مارتن هيغر |

Inspired by the South Asia WePOWER network, Kinley Wangmo is working to create awareness and encourage women to participate in STEM subjects and pursue a career in the energy sector in Bhutan.

Yukari Shibuya |

World Bank South Asia Region team provides a platform for conversations about regional connectivity and helps find common ground between country priorities and regional integration.

Mandakini Kaul |

Fully applying the principles of sustainable forest management to Bhutan’s production forests and modernizing the sector could significantly increase productivity and improve ecological resilience…

Mercy Tembon |

Bhutan's burgeoning services sector clusters mostly around cities, making it the fastest urbanizing country in South Asia.

David Mason |

Economic growth, social inclusion, public health, environmental protection… mobility is at the core of many critical issues that have been shaping the global development agenda. This message came…

Nancy Vandycke |

The World Bank team, WePOWER strategic and institutional partners, and high school female students from Nepal gathered at the closing session of the Women in Power Sector Network in South Asia (…

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