A recent World Bank note sheds light on property ownership and taxation patterns in São Paulo, Brazil, and provides valuable evidence of the persistent disparities that women face in owning…

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Considering the global demographic shifts we are seeing and how quickly our everyday lives are moving online, it’s crucial to equip seniors with the skills to connect in a safe and meaningful way…

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The second phase of the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program (PREMAR 2), in Bahia, helped to recover more than 3000 km of roads.

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Deforestation will be more likely if it is cheaper to increase production using more land relative to labor, capital, or inputs, like fertilizer.

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Although monetizing the Brazilian Amazon’s value would amount to annual payments worth about 20 percent of GDP (US$317 billion), only the value of using the forest for other purposes (US$43-98…

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There are effective practices to address the challenges facing the housing sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. Read four lessons based on practices in the region.

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Brazil is fortunate. Few countries today can both give their people a better life and manage the impacts of climate change.

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The number of Pix transactions and users of non-robbed private branch-based banks and digital institutions increases after a bank robbery in the municipality.

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When nature-based solutions (NBS) are integrated into traditional infrastructure projects, they can help service providers deliver more cost-effective and resilient services. New financing…

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