As South Asian countries intensify the fight against COVID-19, it is imperative that social protection programs, including cash transfers, food vouchers, unemployment benefits, pensions, wage…

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Bangladesh is often mooted as a regional logistics and transit hub and a bridge between South and Southeast Asia. Now, this ambition may become a reality in the country’s western region

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COVID-19 has hit hard lives and economies across South Asia. The World Bank is responding rapidly, helping governments buy vital protective equipment and medical supplies, provide learning to…

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South Asian cities are known hotspots for air pollution. But in the last few months, many have enjoyed unusually clear skies and fresh air.

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This blog summarizes Northern Arc (an India-based impact debt platform) findings on the aggregate performance of microfinance loans in India after events that have impacted the repayment capacity…

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Impact on Indian bus operators and discuss how they can be helped both during the lockdown and after.

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In order to bolster investor confidence and capitalize on emerging opportunities during the COVID-19 recovery India must showcase its preparedness—not only by putting a lid on the outbreak, but…

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To help workers transition to this new normal, governments need to continue implementing strong actions to support workers.

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Les gouvernements doivent continuer à mettre en œuvre des actions soutenues pour aider les travailleurs.

Indhira Santos, Michael Weber |

لمساعدة العمال على الانتقال إلى هذا الوضع الطبيعي الجديد ، تحتاج الحكومات إلى مواصلة تنفيذ إجراءات قوية لدعم العمال.

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