Investing in and protecting human capital is a key element of the first institution-wide strategy on fragility, conflict and violence (FCV) of the World Bank Group. Health is a critical element of…

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We are entering the final phase of the race and our collective actions will determine if we can take the checkered flag or not by 2030.

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Estamos entrando en la fase final de la carrera para poner fin pobreza extrema en el mundo y nuestras acciones conjuntas determinarán si para 2030 podremos tomar la bandera a cuadros o no.

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In countries affected by fragility, conflict, and violence, the private sector plays a critical role in providing jobs and income. Inclusive and sustainable economic growth can also help heal…

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世界银行的研究结果表明:“一带一路”交通走廊能大幅改善参与国的贸易、外国投资和国民生活条件—— 但前提是,中国及“一带一路”的各参与国能实施更深入的,可提升透明度、扩大贸易和提高债务可持续性的政策改革,并减少环境、社会和腐败风险。

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A new World Bank study concludes that the Belt and Road transport corridors could substantially improve trade, foreign investment, and living conditions for citizens in participating countries—but…

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