A new World Bank report—Lessons from Korea’s Energy Efficiency Policies in the Industry Sector—holds lessons for other economies.

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In a world facing numerous environmental challenges, collaborative efforts are crucial to creating sustainable solutions. The Lake-wide Inclusive Sanitation initiative in the Lake Victoria Basin (…

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Saudi Arabia's experience with the COVID-19 pandemic shows that it takes time to build the right enabling environment. Discover Saudi Arabia's digital government services, Seha Virtual…

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More than ever, governments need to tap private sector expertise and financing for deploying battery energy storage systems (BESS). A new report provides insights on their merits and…

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Korea’s response to COVID-19, heralded as one of the most successful in the world, offers a good example on how to build a resilient health system.

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Given that multinational corporations are increasingly influential, governments may need to reassess trade policies and domestic labor market policies. This study investigates the impacts of the…

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The alarming levels of learning loss from school closures during COVID are higher for poorer countries than for rich ones. The same pattern is true also at the country level—the wealthier do…

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eGovFrame integrates all of the government’s information systems, eliminating duplication, lowering costs and increasing efficiency, while innovating, improving, and encouraging open collaboration…

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Digital technology though a source of emissions, offer solutions to the climate crisis.

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Developing countries can take advantage of the metaverse by using immersive technologies in education and training.

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