The worst global food crisis in a decade was one of the top issues discussed at the 12th ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization last month. It is a crisis made worse by the growing…

Mari Elka Pangestu, Axel van Trotsenburg |

Today, 4.4 billion people— just over half the world’s population—live in cities. In just the next three decades, two out of every three people on the planet will live in cities. Cities are the…

Juergen Voegele |

As devastating as it has been, the coronavirus pandemic was an object lesson in the power of policymakers to respond effectively to a catastrophe.

Indermit Gill |

Countries in the East Asia and Pacific region will benefit from cooperation in three major areas: vaccine deployment, reviving sectors of the regional economy, and building on their close…

Victoria Kwakwa |

A new World Bank report, Oceans for Prosperity: Reforms for a Blue Economy in Indonesia, details the status of, and trends, and opportunities towards a blue economy in Indonesia, building on the…

David Kaczan, André Rodrigues de Aquino |

Ecosystem accounting can measure and build our understanding of nature’s ability to provide critical benefits that underpin human well-being.

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World Bank Group funds projects to rein in pollution at every stage of plastic value chain.

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