The mountain Kingdom of Lesotho like many countries is no stranger to disasters. The landlocked small state of 2.2 million people is continually buffeted by multiple shocks, primarily drought but…

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Since moving to Southern Africa in 2019, I have had the great privilege of meeting many impressive women working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related fields.

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The transformative power of the export manufacturing sector in Lesotho has been apparent over last two decades.

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By putting people at the center, Lesotho’s Department of National ID and Civil Registry (NICR) in the Ministry of Home Affairs is laying a solid foundation for a simpler, more efficient government…

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Southern African countries had a tough 2019. The Government of Lesotho declared a national disaster as a result of the drought which left a fourth of its population facing severe food insecurity…

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In this winning Blog4Dev post, the author imagines a future in which child marriage in Lesotho has been eradicated.

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The World Bank is offering a new procurement option to help countries access critically needed medical supplies.

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Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. Nearly four in 10 girls marry each year before their 18th birthday, many of them becoming mothers at a young age.…

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Reducing inequality is a key policy priority in many countries as high levels of inequality can be detrimental to society. The existence of large differentials in living standards can be a drag on…

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Lesotho’s agricultural system faces a growing number of climate-related vulnerabilities with drought, floods, pests, and extreme temperatures occurring more frequently. In response, the Government…

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