COVID-19 (coronavirus) has negatively affected Malawi in various dynamics of development sectors, hence pushing more people towards extreme poverty than before the pandemic

Mwayiwathu  Mkwala |

Between late 2015 and 2016, an unprecedented drought ravaged southern Africa. As the worst-hit country in the region, Malawi faced the largest humanitarian emergency in its history, with nearly 7…

Raka Banerjee, Alejandro de la Fuente, Talip Kilic |

An African youth in the year of 2021 said and I quote, “jobs are scarce in Africa.” The definition of a job in this case is an office, formal dress, and at times a reflector with a matching hard…

Brian Kalimbuka |

Today, on the occasion of the World Youth Skills Day , we are pleased to announce the winners of the Blog4Dev 2021 competition.

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In Malawi, where stunting is as high as 37%, and 10% of the gross domestic product is lost annually due to malnutrition, girls are becoming part of the solution.

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This post discusses the advantages of interviewing more than one adult in a household to get different and more nuanced property rights data

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Invoicing currency in developing countries’ imports: Do exchange rates and tariffs affect prices the same way?

Angella Faith Montfaucon |

Women and girls in rural Malawi can experience sudden life changes when road construction crews arrive in their communities. A new World Bank study sheds light on 10 key lessons from the…

Miriam Muller, Ana Luiza Machado, Sevara Melibaeva, Christopher J. De Serio |

Girls and women in poor rural areas of Malawi can experience powerful life disturbances with the sudden influx of (male) road construction crews. A World Bank study finds that development projects…

Miriam Muller, Ana Luiza Machado, Sevara Melibaeva, Christopher J. De Serio |

Smallholder farmers are defying well-established beliefs and proving that commercial agriculture can make Malawi a more prosperous place.

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