Fighting Corruption Requires a Pandemic-like Response

Rajni Bajpai |

To stand at the frontier of development, Malaysia will need to tackle the complex task of creating more high-quality jobs for all its people.

Achim Schmillen, Amanina Abdur Rahman |

As Malaysia prepares for high-income nationhood, enhancing productivity and innovation has become key to Malaysia’s economic future.

Smita Kuriakose |

Will the tide of Malaysia’s rising national income, uplift the livelihoods of all its citizens equitably?

Kenneth Simler, Shakira Teh Sharifuddin, Zainab Ali Ahmad |

Sharing for Development: Knowledge Exchanges between East Asia and Africa

Firas Raad, Souleymane Coulibaly |

Very soon, Malaysia will pass the GNI per capita threshold and move into a more exclusive classification of economies – high income. While that can be measured, it is difficult to put a number to…

Rajni Bajpai |

On March 16, 2021, the World Bank in Malaysia released a new Flagship Report Aiming High—Navigating the Next Stage of Malaysia’s Development which looks at the next frontier of the country’s…

Richard Record |

Southeast Asia is a hot spot for plastic pollution because of rapid urbanization and a rising middle class, whose consumption of plastic products and packaging is growing due to their convenience…

Victoria Kwakwa, Alfonso Garcia Mora |

East Asia entered the COVID-19 pandemic first and is likely to be the first region to recover. The region can turn this crisis to its long-term advantage by adopting bold and imaginative policies…

Victoria Kwakwa |

There is cause for celebration in Malaysia. The country is following the path of many others that have climbed up the income ladder and reached greater levels of economic prosperity.

Achim Schmillen, Amanina Abdur Rahman, Alyssa Farha Jasmin |