Lessons learned from other countries show that successful fuel subsidy reform requires 3 Cs: credible commitment, consensus, and coordination – and underpinned by a 4th C – communications.

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With nearly 10,000 inhabited islands, there are thousands of diverse island communities across Southeast Asia facing the challenge of beaches covered in plastic. Photo: Shutterstock/

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Social protection measures could cushion energy price shocks. However, social protection measures in the absence of macro- or sectoral- reforms are not fiscally sustainable.

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The World Bank conducted a second round of its High Frequency (HiFy) Phone Survey in October and November 2021 to monitor the well-being of individuals and households through time.

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Energy subsidies are proliferating as governments try to shield consumers from rising and volatile energy prices — but these come with significant risks.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens the uneven recovery of East Asia and Pacific. The invasion comes on top of the economic distress caused by the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, the financial…

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Language of instruction matters for learning foundational skills

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Economic recovery is now back in focus, against a backdrop of increased vaccination coverage and the reopening of economic sectors. While the global spread of COVID-19 was swift and far-reaching,…

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced countries to undertake necessary but expensive measures to protect lives and support economic recovery. Fiscal constraints have heightened the imperative for every…

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To stand at the frontier of development, Malaysia will need to tackle the complex task of creating more high-quality jobs for all its people.

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