More than 400 students entered the competition from 62 countries across every continent.

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The value of the internet for human development and welfare cannot be overemphasized, let alone our dependence on it in online education.

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Turkey is on a path towards a comprehensive, fully accountable system of public financial management which can help ensure that public resources are used strategically, efficiently and effectively…

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For nearly a century, Turkey has broken ground in areas of economic empowerment for women. Historically, the country was among the first nations to ratify laws that empowered women - from suffrage…

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Discover how steps taken today are helping to address climate change and its impact on education systems, and vice versa.

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COVID-19 is the largest public health and economic crisis to hit the world in nearly a century. The crisis has also revealed deep inequalities, with the poor bearing a disproportionately higher…

Javier E. Baez, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt |

Micro shifts for macro gains: Firm productivity and economic growth in Turkey

Habib Rab, Pinar Yasar |

The blog describes how electorally competitive cities benefit from the delivery of physical public goods—state-owned bank branches in this case.

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Larger refugee concentrations in localities lead to more social interactions with locals from the host communities.

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This entry highlights 13 papers that were published in the weeks of November 2nd and 9th. In these weeks’ publications, a number of papers were published related to the impact assessment of the…

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